Val Kyria head announcer at the CAT Junior Roller Derby Tournament

We welcome applications for the role as announcer for the Creatures of the Abyss Tournament 2017

Tournament dates: Aug 11-13 2017. Games will be played on the 11th and 12th.

Head announcer is the awesome and experienced Val Kyria and you can still sign up for Val Kyrias team of annoncers.

We are looking for experienced in-house and broadcast announcers. The stream will be broadcasted free on YouTube and will be produced to a high level by the same team that streamed the European Smackdown in Malmö. Please be aware that we won’t allow announcers to work double duties (no officiating, team duties or other).

It is also our aim to include Junior announcers at this tournament, including the possibility of an ‘Open Mic’ game or two where anyone who wants to try can have a few minutes with a microphone in hand, so be aware of this when applying.

We can’t wait to receive your application!

If you have any other questions before applying, feel free to contact us at