Quad Roller Skate Shop Bootcamp

Sunday is dedicated to learning new skills and having fun together.

At the Quad Roller Skate Shop Bootcamp all teams will be mixed and everybody will have a unique opportunity to get an awesome learning experience and build friendships across borders and teams.

The bootcamp will be split in Level 2 and Level 3.


We are proud to present the 4 coaches sponsored by Quad Roller Skate Shop

Master Blaster
One of the most experienced skaters in Europe and 9 years training experience.

Master Blaster is known for her amazing apex jumps and her moves that seem almost effortless. We know they are not. It takes dedicated training to get there and Master Blaster will help you get there with the newest ways of teaching derby.

Master Blaster is one of the owners of Quad Skate Roller Shop in Berlin and also the main person behind the roller derby coaching company Track Advantage and one of the drivers behind Euro Derby Con in Barcelona.  She has played for Bear City Roller Derby, for Team Germany and for London Brawling.

Ida Anna, Assitant Coach

Ida is the beloved trainer and bench coach for Copenhagen Troublemakers. She is jammer for the Copenhagen Roller Derby A-team and has a background as speed skater.

Ida is also just about to finish her studies to become a doctor.

Ida has been very much involved in the making of junior roller derby in Copenhagen and has taken her team to several tournaments and games abroad. She is also one of the main persons behind this tournament.

As former coach and line up manager for the Dutch National Men’s team, captain for the Team Netherlands at the World Cup in 2014, Track Advantage trainer – lately at the Barcelona Euro Derby con, trainer in her league Amsterdam Roller Derby and with 8 years of experience as skater on top of that we can with high confidence say that Furrrocious will bring a lot of knowledge, experience and excellent coaching abilities to the Quad Roller Skate Bootcamp at C.A.T.   

Juggernaut Jelly, Assistant Coach
Besides being Captain for the Copenhagen Roller Derby A-team and a major power house in their blocker line-up, Jelly also skates for the Danish National Roller Derby Team and was in Dallas for the World Cup in 2014. Further Jelly has had a central role in junior roller derby in Copenhagen and extensive experience with teaching kids – both in roller derby, but also in sailing, as she teaches sail scouts every week.