We welcome sponsors to support the development of Junior Roller Derby globally. Creatures of the Abyss Tournament seek to boost Junior Roller Derby and create a strong network globally among the next generation of strong and empowered Roller Derby skaters.

If you want to support the Creatures of the Abyss Tournament please contact us at pr@catrollerderby.com

Mills skate shop

Mills is the beloved sponsor of Copenhagen Roller Derby, Troublemakers and and Creatures of the Abyss Tournament. Mills is also the oldest skate shop in Copenhagen and first to take in Roller Derby gear, with vast knowledge and expertise in helping us gear up to perform our best. Make sure you visit Mills while you are in town. Visit the Mills website here. Mills is the proud sponsor of the C.A.T. Roller Disco on Saturday night. Mills skate shop will be present at the C.A.T. junior Roller Derby event! Make sure you visit their booth.


Quad Roller Skate Shop
The famous Quad Roller Skate Shop in Berlin is fully derby owned and operated. With enormous passion for the sport Master Blaster and her team seems to be everywhere: In the store, online, arranging events like Euro Derby Con and EROC, training as Track Advantage coaches.
Quad Roller Skate Shop will ensure that you get the right gear to maximize your skills on the track. They don’t just work with roller derby, they live roller derby! Quad Roller Skate Shop will be there at the C.A.T. junior Roller Derby event. Make sure you visit their booth.


SISU Mouth Guards
We are proud to have SISU on board as sponsor for the C.A.T. junior roller derby event in Copenhagen.

SISU will hold a special sponsor acitvity on Saturday evening at 7 pm – 8 pm: A special jammer training for 6 skaters with SISU skater Maurine Filip from Stockholm Roller Derby as coach. You can get the change to be part of the lucky ones to get a private SISU jammer session with her – all you have to do is go to the Mills booth and put your name in the SISU jar. We will draw the winner Saturday at 3 PM (just before the Level 2 mixed scrimmage.)



187 Killer Pads has been designing and constructing pads for top professionals for the past decade. Started by a long-time skater in a family-owned upholstery shop, 187 Killer Pads® has since become the preferred choice of skaters worldwide. With its visionary designs and revolutionary systems, 187 Killer Pads® continues to lead the way in raising industry standards and making protective gear better and we are pleased to have 187 Killer Pads present at the C.A.T. junior event. Come by and hear about the newest technology to protect your legs.


The people from Shiner will be at the C.A.T. junior roller derby event with a lot of cool gear including Rookie Rollerskates, PRO-TEC and much more.  Shiners vision is to connect with, excite and inspire whilst promoting an active lifestyle through their portfolio of global brands. We are very exited to have Shiner on board for this historic junior roller derby event.


Danish artist, writer, film instructor and derby dad Anders Morgenthaler has made a huge effort to help raise funds for the C.A.T. tournament. Anders is known for his amazing drawings and comic strips and when Anders put up a post on Instagram where he offered to draw peoples’ favorite animals on skates for 500 DKK – he got bombed with orders and had to stop taking more orders, when he reached 62! This gimmick made Anders our single biggest donator to this tournament! Check out some of the many drawing here!



Roller Derby is a tough sport that comes with tense muscles, sore joints, quite a bit of bruises and sometimes injuries. This goes for skaters as well as refs and NSO’s who have to stand for hours dead concentrated on their tasks to ensure a good and fair game. And even dedicated fans might get a little tense from cheering and biting their nails during a tight game. Bu don’t worry! For the C.A.T. tournament we have Certified Sports Massage Therapist Kittie Raun from Klinik Velvære Copenhagen. She will be offering massages at a good price to fatigued skaters, worn out officials and muscle tense parents. You can even win a gift card for a massage at her clinic.  


Turn Left Roller Derby Shop
Turn Left Roller Derby shop is the 100% derby owned and operated skate shop in Eindhoven, Holland. Lotta Havoc and Marcie who runs the shop are both experienced skaters and trainers and they will make sure you get the gear you need to maximize your derby skills. Visit the Turn Left Skate Shop here.



Bruised Skate Stuff
Bruised Skate Stuff knows what a Roller Derby skater needs: Bruised Skate Straps to keep your skates snug on your feet, and after training sling your skates over your shoulder with the Bruised Skate Sling rather than jam your skates into your smelly bag with sweaty pads. Visit the Bruised Skate Stuff online shop.



The Danish foundation TrygFonden works to make Denmark a safer place to be. Their mission is to inspire everyone in Denmark to take responsibility for their own safety as well as that of others. TrygFonden is sponsoring the C.A.T. junior event with funds for the first aid training of all the team wranglers/caretakers.


Nordea-fonden supports activities which promote good living in Denmark. Since 1989, they have allocated returns to support non-profit, public and charitable purposes. Their focus is on health & food, exercise, culture and nature. Click here to read more about Nordea-fonden.


Atom Skates 
Atom skates provides roller derby equipment for all skating levels and we love their wide selection of wheels, skates, skate bags, protection gear, plates, toe stops and bearings that will keep us on our feet! Atom Skates support the C.A.T. junior roller derby event.